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Latest answers from jungkook

what is your favourite quotation?

my mom was trying to say big d*ck energy but she couldn’t remember it so she goes “that is some fat d*ck spirit”

Who do you trust most in your life?

new year new me? no more like new year new people because I’m getting rid of all the toxic people

Favorite girl K-pop group?

I sometimes suck at reading clues a girl can tell me let’s go somewhere quiet to talk and I’ll be like what do you mean no one can hear us what’s up though

type of girl?

a girl who's chill n can vibe with me n can keep a convo going a girl that will give me all her attention and affection

Would you let me suck on those lips, cuz damn?

if we liking each other's answers constantly that means bring your ass into my inbox and stop playing

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