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What causes you to panic?

People. Social interactions. Making decisions. Balloons trying to kill me at 3am. Bands/Shows ending.

Favorite bands?

Pierce The Veil, blessthefall, Bring Me The Horizon, All Time Low, Of Mice & Men uhh yeah pretty much everyone mainstream

it's chevy chen, thanks bro. i'll just stick to liking and sharing so i don't offend anyone again.

im sorry i hate it when they get their periods as soon as someone disagrees with them.

Can you give me back my right to comment, and like your pages photos? Caci power tripped, and took those rights away simply cause I said Justin Bieber didn't start the cutforjb or shaveforjb thing.

whats your name i will

Favorite lyrics from PTV? c:

ugh um
probably 'do you really trust your tongue or did you bury the taste?' or 'I will soon forget the color of your eyes, and you’ll forget mine'

Do you think you are an awesome person? Because i do c'x

honestly no im a boring piece of annoying shit with good music taste

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