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I guess having a good heart gets you used .

trustingblade2’s Profile PhotoAsh Ash
Yes but it not being used ,it's being helpful what they do with it is on their soul

They won't have you the way I had you. ☺ (this one better, huh. 😂)

You can put more thought in it

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I have a crush on you, I don't think our distance can keep us apart

That's true,I'll drive to the moon and back

Don’t expect me to be an intimate friend when you constantly feed me lies. That’s not me turning my back, cause I’m ready to lend a hand whenever you need. But I won’t be close. I won’t give you access to my heart or soul. It’s for my protection ✌️

Very true keep them at arms length

There’s a girl I met who seemed very happy to meet me, but after that I’ve been treated badly by her and can’t get ahold of her anymore. What should I do?

Forget her to many fish in the sea

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