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How do you improve your mid lane 1v1 in early game (winning mid against your opponent, killing him and snowballing), like what do you focus on to win against the enemy hero what distinguishes a 5k mid from a 4k mid for example (or a 6k mid from a 5k mid)?

play mid a lot practice some 1v1s vs someone near your skill but better (find someone new if u get much betetr than them). master aggro, map awareness etc

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3k player here. What do you thing is the most crucial thing in gaining solo MMR: consistency in hero picks, large MMR pool or just good knowledge of items/matchups. Should I be able to climb with a pool consisting of 2 hard carries (Wraith King, Legion Com.) and 3 suppoorts (Lich, CM, Shadow Demon)

in gainging solo mmr of those knowledge of items/matchups/just playing well is most important dunno

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