Ask @BlueLatte:

I was joking because i knew you would give it to me XD. Haha thank you XDD. Do you remember the journal ? I would like to watch/join the journal ^.^. Though I think no one would really remember XD.

I.. uh.. it's an old picture, it's really oooold!! I'm so sorry, I don't remember. ^^" I only know that she is a character from Pandora Hearts. If you try to search for 'Pandora Hearts Livejournal' on google, you might find it. But really, I want to know who you are. XD

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Latte-chan! ♥ I'm in love with your icon, SO ADORABLE! Anyways, my question for you is: What is your favorite type of flower and why? =D

Aw, thank you! X3
Dandelions, roses and cherry blossoms. I've always wanted to blow dandelion seeds, it would be amazing to watch the dandelion seeds fly through the air. Roses are just beautiful and elegant. As for Cherry Blossoms.. I think all girls who watch anime love this flower, it looks like pink snow and it's so beautiful. Looking at Sakura trees somehow calms me.

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