Ask @Blumenmusic:

What is your favourite musical and why is it les miserables?

Don't start with me. Les Mis is 30 minutes too long, only introduces 1 new theme in the entire second act and plods its way towards a 'grandiose' finale after losing all momentum.
I'll admit I'm a big fan of JRB, both because they're harmonically interesting and because the piano parts are physically enjoyable to play. Sondheim is awesome as well, I actually haven't played any full shows of his, but love his crunchy progressions.

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How much do you practice bass a day?

Ha, my answer might not be as much as you think! I go in bursts, usually will practice more when I'm actively learning or transcribing something, but even in more productive periods usually not more than an hour or 2 a day. Usually I'll just practice until I feel like I've gotten something done, you know? Compartmentalizing is one of the better ways I've found to stay motivated, rather than some ethereal concept of "gotta practice to improve", I'll play until I've made tangible progress, whether it's having a few licks nailed down pretty well, or a new section of a song transcribed.
Worth mentioning that this would NOT be the most efficient method to recommend to anyone, by any means. But after learning piano and viola in a very pedagogical, methodical way with decades of formal instruction, when I started bass I wanted to keep it as fun and relaxing as possible, so I only practice by learning covers or writing parts for my own stuff. After a day of rehearsals/practicing/performing for piano, last thing I want to do is come home and have the hobby side of music feel like a chore. So even if it's still a lot of work to practice or transcribe, just trying to go about it in an enjoyable, rather than onerous, way. Heck, when I got the first bass, the only practicing I did that summer (2013) was learning Altered State. So while I do a lot of slow practice, I don't do much technical exercises or patterns.
This certainly has limitations, and now that we're a couple years in, I've started to work on a couple things in isolation, mainly evening out right hand consistency and really practicing raking for the first time. Speed has always been a limiting factor, and that's become more obvious in more involved covers recently (heavy parts of The Contortionist, faster Plini bass parts), so it's time that I buckle down and get some of these basic techniques more solid.

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