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hi. boleh x u bagitau cerita spy yg u suka tengok sampai u boleh tulis fanfic yg best mcm project 9 and revenge kat aff? saje nak tau

cerita spy? jap tgh fikir cerita ape yg inspired time tu. uhhh.. for revenge, i dont have any movies that i refer to actually. i kind of did my own research. for project 9, every characters inspired by different movie tbh. like jessica character inspired by the movie alien. i took in gi jane a little and then mulan. all the women's hero type of movie. the concept itself came from me since i want to connect it to human's trafficking. the second sequel was definitely inspired by so close. a hong kong movie.

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bluppy...since you are an open-minded would you react to this lgbt society?i dont understand why people must be disgusted with them?sorry if im being rude or just a curious kid who wanted to know other people opinion..hehe

well tbh i dont give a care. hahaha. i mean lgbt became an issues if u relating it to religion and yeah boys are made girls and vice versa but if they think differs then it depends on what r they categorizing it into. religions and races can be a factor for dofferent opinions which is fine by me. i dont really support lgbt but im not one to go against it either. there are reasons why they became like that and before we judge, we should listen first. this is what we are lacking off; we just dont listen long enough. but i dont think i had any issues tbh. i rather put a fight against haters community that is expanding so much right now. hatred is what killing humanity and not lgbt. wars happen because we had so much of hatred. that i will fight agaibst

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hey bluppy..since u have been shipping yulsic..will u still ship them until now and forever?or will u sink together with their ship...i kind of devastated since there will be no yulsic moments now..sob sob...i miss our kwon seobang and sica-baby T_T

wow i feel sorry for u. hey sometimes shipping can be hard. its okay if u want to stop here since i think we all enjoy their monent when jung is still around. u can also go on and just enjoy watching them success in everything they do. not seeing is not the end of a journey. i might be around for a while just enjoying watching both of them be successful. its okay to stay and its okay to leave. we had great times as fans. so its okay to be thinking like that

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have you taken out the project 9 the new era fanfic? i cant seem to find it in asianfanfic T_T...please tell me authornim.. i need to read them again again... p/s:im in love with your story..u really need to teach me how to write a good story..hehe

no i didnt. it is still there. u might have missed out. here's the link.
thanks for the compliment. i dont know how to teach people. i just wrote whatever i had in mind. maybe u should too.

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I ada follow twitter dia. Insta dia. So that's why I know dia Chinese. Huhuhu. Oh yeah can u share some fanfic yg best yg boleh I baca? I prefer angst story. Why? Bcoz I love the feel? Huhu Acc all your stories I x khatam lg. Tp tu la.. I nk kumpul smua fic dulu. Nnti x payah search dah. Hehehe

I rase i antara writer yg x dedahkn diri sgt. Lol yg angst? X ingat la. Hahaha... Pelan pelan kayuh jumpe la. I do have an angst theme fanfic. I think its prison. Best x care promote cerita sendri?

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