Ask @blurryfxce_roblox:

okay yeah sorry my last two questions were kinda the same but heres one more (sorry) What single person will you remember the most on roblox if and when you ever leave and why? And who was the first person you met on roblox that changed the way you looked at things? pleaze answer if you can ;D

The first person I met on Roblox and still have a relationship with would have to be my friend tee (I believe her new username is chuIa). I met her when she was on her old account. If I ever quit is probably remember her, deejayee, and xkayyla the most (I can't pick oops) because i go to them for everything and i wouldn't be able to live without them. To be honest, my friends are the only reason why I'm still on Roblox x)

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