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How is it going?🐢

XxHeyRaveNnxX’s Profile PhotoRohma
There’s a friend, she trusts me with everything, she won’t trust her family or even her mother with.
Even if no one knows where she’s going or who she’s going with, she’ll tell me before, leaving. I’m glad she tells me! But at the same time it makes me sad.
Our parents out of their love, their over-protective nature, the need to control the actions of their children and their never ending fear of “log kya kahy gaye” end up suffocating their children especially daughters, in our society. I meet my friends often and sometimes, if we do end up talking about serious things in life, everyone on the table ends up having the one same complaint; “Parents don’t understand” and I’m not saying whatever they do is with any ill motives, Ofc not but the rigidness of always having to be right and rejecting someone else’s point of view about their life while they’re an adult! is not okay. I keep saying this and it honestly hurts to give this example but it’s just because people don’t want to understand; you can’t even make your pet do something they might not be in the mood to do and they get you alright! Sometimes they’d even go out and you go crazy looking for them everywhere, although they are trained and tamed! and Ofc have a lavish lifestyle as compared to a street animal. 🤷🏻‍♀️ You can’t force shit on anyone. Even plants die and you’re like bro I was doing everything, I was taking care of you why tf you died? But whatever we were doing, wasn’t enough for them to grow in *that* particular environment so they straight up die. 🤷🏻‍♀️
All this being said, what we can’t ignore is the crazy age gap with our parents and that they were from a completely different time than us but BUT they can respect that things aren’t alike now and we can respect that they don’t mean any harm. It’s the “No, what I’m saying is right and only what I say, will be done” that causes all the fuss. Everyone wants to be right, nobody wants to be patient and accepting! Only three of my friends are married, rest the whole circle is solo and one of those three, literally said yes to wedding, ‘cause she got fed up of the environment at her place. It’s sad, isn’t it?
Then being a woman, after parents you get dependent on your spouse, who in majority of cases, ends up wanting to be a parent rather than a partner. Bro, you can not tell a grown ass adult what to do, where to be, how to live! Unless you’d like to admit, you run a boarding school and one isn’t allowed to live, their life, their way, with you.
When I was younger, I’d laugh on how pretty women willingly end up settling for a basic guy. Now that I’m older, I know women only settle down with the men who are accepting, of them. Who after a lifetime of “log kya kahy gey”; finally breaks those shackles and says “Main hoon na! do whatever you wanna do. I’ll back you up! I have faith in you!” Who don’t have a possessive, insecure and controlling love rather a trusting, accepting and empowering love. May we all find healthy love. Ameen.

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How is it going

Fav song now a days?

S_fatik_F’s Profile Photosyed fatik
It was featured in “Moon Knight” and it’s from the movie called “A night the moon cried.”
If you listen, it has a high and low curve to it. Near the beginning, the singer says, sometimes she feels like she loves her life and how she’s happy and loves all people.
Near to end, she says sometimes she hates her life and how life is dark. :’)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ypfoUcXg2nAboldcapricorn’s Video 170260503270 ypfoUcXg2nAboldcapricorn’s Video 170260503270 ypfoUcXg2nA

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Say those magical words! ✨

Hamid2k15’s Profile PhotoHamid.
You don’t have to make someone, feel like they’re doing something “wrong”, when it isn’t wrong. It’s just something YOU don’t “like.”
It’s okay to admit that! To yourself and to the others.
Won’t cost you a penny but it’ll alter, how you make someone else feel, about themselves and about you too!

what is love?

zaheerabbax’s Profile Photozee bee
This is actually true.
One of my kids, is actually a friend’s sister. She was constantly skipping all meet-ups since a good 4-5 months and my friend (her older sister) would only ever tells me, she’s not feeling well. I knew a thing or two but not everything.
Khair she did reach out to talk to me, when we did and she told me everything (which included the parts she screwed up, multiple times.) She’s been better ever since! She finally came out of house after months. All this time her sister was telling me, she’s doing weird things and we can’t really take her out, it’s risky but when we all met, me went to watch ‘Multiverse of madness’ too and came back pretty late, this kid was all happy and laughing. Nonetheless of what I know, nothing has changed for me. She’s still my kid, I still view her the same. 🦋

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what is love

How secure or insecure do you tend to be in relationships?

FaaizAli’s Profile PhotoFaaiz.
I think it’s important to realise that you can know a lot of people but you’re not the same close to everyone which includes friends as well.
Some can know what might be going on, some may know every insignificant detail of your life while others can be kept clueless as well.
So it depends really but my top tier people? I absolutely trust them with everything.
Let’s put it this way, I have a lot of friends who’re (now) in different continents. I could come across a group picture where others are chugging alcohol, (without them telling) I would KNOW my friend, isn’t.
They could be in police investigation, I’d just know they didn’t do anything wrong. If I trust you, nothing and no one can shake it but YOU. 🤡

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What are your green flags?

Ladybird666’s Profile Photoansa
- Understanding and easing going people are absolutely precious. If you get me, I already kinda love you haha
- I am caring by nature, people are not. So when I see someone, who’s caring it always comes off as a surprise to me. 😂
- Kindness oouuufffff but not at the expense of your own sanity because your people need you too!
- I like people who take responsibility and honour it!
- I have a sweet tooth Ofc I like sweet people. 😂 That being said, there’s a difference in being sweet and in being a creep. Also people who are the same sweet with everyone? Ugh no just no. 🙅🏻‍♀️
- You know what a gentleman is made of? Manners, manners, manners and manners.
- It’s so important to be accepting. If someone isn’t the definition of what you want, it’s better to let them go instead of trying to mould and shove them in *your* designed and approved version of them.
I will prolly always eat in the middle of the night and I would never have anything, to do with someone, trying to school me, on how it’s not good for me. 🙂 If you make me feel like, I’m in a hostel and I need to think before being ME, in absolutely any way? Off you go fella. Off you go. 🙋🏻‍♀️
And oh I forgot to add *patience* because I run low on it. 🙂

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What are you thinking rn?

Affan_a7’s Profile Photoshyteen
I was watching a psychologist’s clip and she said, it is because you’re handed a box of expectations, that you’re *suppose to fulfil*, you force yourself into that box, even if it’s not your size. You’ll even cut a limb or two, if you must to fit in because you’re “expected to do so.” What she was pointing on, we’re the sacrifices a woman is so casually expected to and even demanded, to make because she’s a woman. There’s always a checklist to follow. A different box to fit in, with every given role.
(Lists of what and what not to do, how to be, where and where not to be, what to do, what to wear, how to react, when to sleep, when to get up, how to talk and who to talk to, only to forgive, never to retaliate, only to accept, never to reject, To always listen and obey. Like you’re a robot.)
And it is because you keep forcing yourself into that box, you keep cutting parts of yourself, this is why it hurts so bad, when all that damage you allow to happen to you, goes unrecognised and unappreciated. Maybe it’s just the wrong box, maybe you’ll find the one where you won’t have to beat yourself up to fit in and Idk what to say. :’)

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What are you thinking rn

What are your favorite lines? ✨

Hamid2k15’s Profile PhotoHamid.
“You saved me. I survived because I knew, I wasn’t alone. You were always there, alive, full of hope. I tried to protect that and I failed. I couldn’t protect you but you didn’t abandon me. You didn’t abandon me...
There’s no way in hell I’m gonna abandon you. You’re the only real superpower I ever had.”

Sab keh do🌚

maazich’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Moaaz
A friend would read novels all the time in university, quite literally. So we all would mainly gift her novels from the writers she liked and because she read so much, she too was all about “fictional characters” (sounds familiar 🥲) anyway she was on Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit (she bought me here on ask, as well.) This senior liked her, God knows from which social platform, he got to know the list of novels, she wanted to read but they weren’t really available in Pakistan. He got one of her favs from somewhere, wrote down a note on the first page, left it in our classroom (anonymously) on her birthday but we knew who did it. 🌚
Anyway, anyone who ever liked her, were so high on efforts but she knew pretty clearly that her parents, will only ever wed her off, in family. So she never gave anyone a chance. On the other hand her (later to be) fiancé (who happened to be in the same university) was so 🙂 that guy never really gave a shit about her. He was the “idc about anyone but me” kind of a guy. Never did anything for her. I once talked to him in person, to knock some sense in him but you can’t change a person, can you? It would make me furious how she’d be sad that whatever nice happens to her, is always from some other source and never from where she expects.
As it was always planned, they did get married. Last year on her birthday he MashAllah even forgot it was her birthday. Did absolutely nothing and just joined her, at her parent’s (like a guest) for the event, they had organised for their daughter.
I don’t know if I’m more mad at that guy or on those parents but it’s unfortunate. It’s sad to see how drastically different women are treated once they’re committed/married to a wrong person. What’s even more sad is that this guy was written to be her spouse since the beginning of time. Fate can screw you so bad.

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What were you doing wrong all along?

Ayeman_Shabbir’s Profile PhotoAyeman
It’s actually so stupid to give weigh to someone’s family to determine how a specific person might be. Yes your surroundings “can” affect you but not always.
Good children can have bad parents.
Good parents can have bad children.
A good immediate family can also have a trash extended family and so on.
If you can’t even make a blind guess as per someone’s parents, how tf can a *caste* determine how a group of people might be? It’s so so stupid but nae bhai. It’s sooooo deeply rooted in our stupid society. People would think highly and shitty about a person just by that. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Makes me so mad how it’s considered so fiercely in everything even in business. Ajeeb kisky mu pe likha hota hai ye acha insan hai aur ye bura?

Post something?

Samieemalik’s Profile PhotoSamiee Malick
‘The vow’ this movie was based on a real life couple, a real story. His wife loses her memory of a few years, forgets him.
Her mind goes years back, where she had a fiancé (who was someone else) but the present rolls, exactly how past did, he does not try to intervene because that could’ve damaged her brain. She eventually finds her way back to her husband but she never recovers the missed years, of her memory.
This guy was patient and calm and kind towards her through it all.
But guess what? The real life couple divorced, sometime back because this “too good to be true” guy cheated on his wife. 🙂 Sighs. Only in movies and seasons do we have the perfect guys. Only the fictional guys have my heart. 🤍
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