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What makes a person beautiful?🌸

The inside my friend.
Would you prefer an insanely gorgeous human being who really doesn’t give a shit about you over someone who makes you happy, keeps you at peace, is genuine to you and always there for you? I don’t think so.
People aren’t decoration pieces, you don’t have to run to pick the shinnesit prettiest one of all while worrying all the time about it being stolen. You should tire over finding a reliable one.

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Best way to avoid getting depressed?

You can’t skip the bad days neither their is a way to make the hurt pass you have to live through it all and everybody does.
Just pray, know that it’ll pass, talk to a friend it’s very important to let it out (whatever you’re feeling) it’s not healthy to let your own thoughts eat you alive, write it if you don’t have anyone to talk to. Watch a scary movie it’s the best distraction for everything I promise. 😂

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What's the worst thing you have ever done?

I remember this one time when I was a kid and I wanted a stuff toy (of Ariel, “The little mermaid” ) it was an exclusive Disney gift shop and all the stuff toys there, costed a fortune even back in those days. So I was told ‘no’ but amma got me a mini (Ariel) stuff toy and I either got mad or didn’t accepted it. I remember I was rude. Now every time when I remember what I did that day I feel so bad. Amma did what she could for me, that time but I was a spoiled ungrateful kid.
My heart hurts when I think about it and I can not wait to be capable enough to get amma anything and everything she lay her eyes on and I will soon, in sha Allah. ❣️

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Post something worth reading. 👀

I’m watching “The good doctor”
And Doc Glassman just gave his surgeon a baseball and she goes like “I don’t like baseball to which glassy said that he likes baseball. So she goes like you gave me something you like? To which he said, I caught this baseball in the stadium when I was 13, after the match my father pushed me to get it signed by all my favourite players. If it had happened today, it would’ve been on the net but for me all I have is this baseball as a memory of that remarkable day.
How sweet? 😭😭 ever thought someone can gift you something that means a lot to them? My heart. 😭😭

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True true. But let's stick to something agar aik banda Ka bear the expenses of someone's daughter will never have importance over the person who's financial status way better. Eventhough the former may give love, care and affection while the latter might not.

Ramish Wafa
I don’t understand why everybody keeps bringing up this hypothetical (90s Bollywood movie) scenario.
First coming to your point, that’s true! Because parents spend even the last of their bucks for the happiness of their children and they want the absolute best for them when they’re kids or when they grow up and let’s not forget the fact that the man has to raise not only his own family (wife and kids) but also has to support his parents and in some cases sisters (regarding their marriages and what not) one can not deny the fact that money is needed in almost everything in life especially sickness! Now coming back to reality, I have seen the exact opposite (of what you stated) in my life and that too multiple times! Guys who aren’t well established are only conceded about their careers nothing else (I’ve seen a marriage fail because of it too. Not that the guy wasn’t financially stable but that the girl used to earn better and he was always in a race of earning more than her.) I’ve even seen relationships fail because of the exact reason. Even if you see research men are more career oriented whereas women have a higher concern for their family life. As much as women are notorious for being gold diggers, in real men run after money way more than women do (sometimes they have their valid reasons to do so other times it’s just greed to have more and more.) Other than that the guys I’ve known (since childhood) the ones with better backgrounds were never in a run after money they surprisingly were more mannerful and more humble than the ones who were struggling to become something. I understand that the ones with jobs can not be available 24/7 but if you can’t fimd any time for your family, you’re good for nothing. I understand this isn’t the case with everyone but I’m only talking on basis of experience. :)
Financial stability has nothing to do with how a guy is AS A PERSON. Period.

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+2 answers in: “What are the top three preferences or qualities you want to see in your future life partner??❤❤💁”

What are the top three preferences or qualities you want to see in your future life partner??❤❤💁

Faran Manj
1. He must be a gentleman.
2. He must be understanding.
3. I must be his top priority in life. (Which means you can’t go around doing things that you know would upset me. You gotta put me first in everything you do and every decision you make.)
Yup. I’m surely gonna die alone. 😂

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What keeps you awake at night?

You know sometimes, you try to help people maybe not directly but indirectly. You try to better things for them, even if they have not been quite good to you but still.. but still you get to be the bad person because they’re so self absorbed that they legit can not see that the other person didn’t had to do whatever they did, they did it for your sake. It’s not about being grateful but blaming someone for what they’re not which is one of the sickest things you can do to someone.
But I guess some people were meant to get screwed up in their mind, they were meant to ruin things and they were not suppose to understand the good someone’s been trying to do for them perhaps because that’s what they’ve earned and this is how Allah is rewarding them for their deeds whereas you, you know good deeds never go to waste right? You’d be rewarded too but “rightly.”

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