Ask @bombastarr:

What qualities made you fall in love with your boyfriend? At what point did you say, "Wait di na lang landi 'to ah."

Hmm, aside from ang gwapo niya? Hahaha! He really was my crush since Week 1 in UP so when he first messaged me pa lang medyo na-in love na ako. LOL JK
He was so understanding and patient with me. I think, generally, as a person I'm not difficult to deal with - I'm never jealous and I don't like getting into arguments. But being a law student, I didn't have a lot of free time and I was mostly frustrated with school, so he had to deal with that. He did a lot to encourage me and allowed me to vent, without letting any conversation end with me feeling bad about myself. He's generous, funny, and an all-around incredible support system. He always made me laugh, AND I made him laugh a lot too. I think our goofiness really just clicked.

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Recommend some Rock/Punk songs to me pls.

Hmm, here's the last 5 songs that played on my Spotify:
Climbing Up The Walls - Chris Cornell
Oblivion - The Winery Dogs
Tempest - Deftones
Man In The Box - Alice in Chains
Red Barchetta - Rush
Hunger Strike - Temple of the Dog (CORNELL AND VEDDER!)
Rock is the best study music kaya I have a lot on my playlist right now :))

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Have you ever been rejected? How do your deal with rejection?

"Dust yourself off and try again," - Try Again, Aaliyah
I give enough time for some self-introspection, and try to see it as a learning experience. Then I surround myself with people and things that make me happy, that way I don't let my inner voice chip away at whatever is left of my confidence. I try to find the silver lining in everything, always.

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