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Sad to hear the shooting at the elementary school that happened in Texas. Poor kids❤️❤️

Yeah, it actually really upset me to the core. What REALLY made me upset is how Abbott and friends pull a press conference turning it on mental health when they know damn well they’re preparing for the NRA convention this weekend. At least Beto made a scene, which needs to be happening with us all at this point. Our children are living in fear and we’re turning our backs on it! I apologize for the rant, but as a mama; I’m so tired of this!

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My neighbor's party is still going strong, apparently, I can overhear music at 1am. Is it childish to be upset about it? I'm upset about the fact that I wasn't invited. I wanted to be there and have some fun, It would've lifted my mood up.

It’s understandable to get your feelers hurt. Maybe they weren’t aware that you wanted to party?
My neighbors party is still going strong apparently I can overhear music at 1am

how's mercury retrograde affecting you? lol. it started on may 10

It explains a bit 😂😂😂

Is God real? I know everyone is going to debate this from their own religious books, or science books. But doubt is key to knowledge.

To question religion is human nature. I’ve questioned. If I can be honest, I lost my faith several years ago for awhile. My cousin asked me before he died, “Steph, how can I believe in God?” I just said, “Tell him to prove it” it was like a month later he gave me the biggest hug and thanked me saying he believed. He cleaned up for a spell, met someone, and was about to be a dad. But drugs sometimes are bigger than any of us. 🤷‍♀️
TLDR: Whatever works, go with it. A good heart is a good heart regardless.
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Are you happy with yourself & where you are in life?

I do love the me that’s messy and weird but I do have work to do digging deeper. I need to stop feeling the feelings I do about myself sometimes. And I am happy where I am. I haven’t been so hopeful and happy for my future since forever.

Pity vs love. Is pity love?

No, it’s not love. Love is what I feel now. Pity is falling for a sad story and then wanting to make that person smile because you feel like they haven’t very much in their life. The realization hits not too long afterwards that people are great at putting on a show, manipulating, and gaining what they want from sad stories. Instead of the act, they should’ve gone to therapy. (Circa me 2016)


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