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Top 10 things you like about Shannon?

1: that he can cook a mean honey mustard chicken.
2: how comfortable we can be around each other.
3: the way his hair sticks up in all the wrong ways when he wakes up.
4: how genuine he is.
5: the way he does not give one fuck about what people think of him.
6: when his eyes change colour in the sunlight.
7: the fact that he knows where he wants to go in his life.
8: i know that no matter what he will always have my back.
9: his ability to turn any situation positive.
10: the way in which he loves me.

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Why do you love me?

if this is shannon, which i'm 93% sure it is,because you are the best thing to have ever happened to me. i can't put into words how perfect you are non. we fight like cat and dog (mum and dad love it!) but we don't let it get to us. that shit makes us stronger as a couple. we've been together almost 2 years (woohoo!) and i couldnt have asked for a more gorgeous person to have spent that time with. you have transformed me into who i am today and i couldnt thank you enough for everything you do to me. you've stuck around through everything and i know that no matter what, you will always have my back. i love you so much shannon john shepherdson xxxxxx

If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

get back in there man, this shit's hard


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