You Wasn't Saying All That Shit Over Kik Though...Every Time I Kikked You, All You Ever Said Was "Leave Me Alone Because Al You Ever Do Is Hurt Me" Or "Don't Hurt Me Because You've Already Hurt Me So Many Times" So Bitch, Kill Me With That Acting Tough On Ask.Fm Rfs...Talk That Shit Over Kik.

Niggah shut yo ugly ass naruto wanna be ass super saiyan wanna go on a bitch ass up! Shit you irritate me with all that i dont gaf about yo ass shit but then you text me back like 'wait do leave me i want you' and shit like that with yo fake ass, then you be having the nerves to say 'on my momma imma come and shoot yo as bitch' but then when i gave you my street and address you be like 'girl i was just playing, that the evil devion'. Im like nigga what!! You got two sides of you? Two headed ass nigga get tf on with that shit talking bout you a real nigga. Lmao you make laugh with that shit.

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