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If your mate cheated would you stay and cheat back ...leave, or just stay and forget it ever happened??


Do you believe that trans women are women?

Honestly it all depends on looks in my opinion and mannerisms and they have to be 100% believably feminine and unable to tell otherwise. Like if women magically had dicks for a day

Are you afraid of snakes?🐍

Ever since we were deceived in the garden and became a rebellion with God. Yeah I'm not too fond of a snake

So I’m talking to this guy right, and I am putting myself out there and putting myself out there. Poof nothing. What do I do? I want love but I’m a single mom who works full time and goes to school full time and I don’t want my heart broken…

I'm a single guy who's 30 and feels invisible and unoticed by women and has absolutely no luck with finding a single woman who wants a relationship. In my experience, from being rejected by so many women after being led on or led to believe that he had a chance and she was interested in him. To find out that she had a boyfriend or was doing it to serve self-interest. Guys get timid and withdrawn after getting let down and embarrassed and need some sort of hint that you're single or available or think he looks good. Accidentally tell someone you like him that you know will tell him. I don't know but it's terrifying getting rejected. And it's a lot of preparation to ask you out. This goes all the way to the DNA

Why are people so fascinated by serial killers if their actions are universally considered evil and cruel?

Cause man's heart has evil and the world is turning from God and towards sin. Cause we're born sinners


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