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omg, you're goddess! I love your style! Do u take photos by yourself?

Thank you, yes most of the time.

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When is your birthday?

April 6

View more amazing outfit! *o*

Poppy Miau


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Love your style, your hair colour, your feeling.... <3 from France

Thank you <3

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do you end up spending a lot of money on clothes? You look so good in everything!

I spend a lot of money with foods not with clothes :)

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Love your style! Never stop posting haha!

Oh thanks dearest!

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i <3 u and your tres chic style!!

Wow thanks! :)

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where do u take ur photos at?? i love them on so so much!! :)


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How do you stay skinny?

By eating toothpick!

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under the thin sheath too weird to live. too rare to die. ^^^^Love it thats an awesome slogan u have there

Oh thanks! :)

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You are so pretty !

Thanks and kisses!

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OMG, you are so so so os beautiful!!! *-*

Andrea M.

Wow, thank you! :*

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you look better without glasses.

Thank you :*

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Your style is awesome and you seem so down to earth! I dig ;)

Thanks for the kind words, you made my day! :*

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how long is your hair?

very long

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in how many days order arrive?

4-7 days

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i love your style

thank you :)

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Where did you buy your sunglasses?:)

got them from my lovely sponsors :)

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u r so fucking awesome!!!!!!

so fucking thank you!!!!! :)

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you are th prettiest girl in the whole world

wow such a compliment,
i'm not but thank you :)

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why are you so pretty????

says you but thank you :)

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what hair dye do you use??

oh fuck i can't remember the brand as i dyed my hair just once, sorry :(

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where do u buy ur clothes from????

most of my clothes are sponsored.

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do you like rock n roll?


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too weird to live. too rare to die.

under the thin sheath