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What are the best remedies for someone who has just been dumped?


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Do you have a person that you trust to whom you tell your secrets?

Are you saving money right now for something special? What is this special thing?

TRYING TO SAVE MONEY! And no it's nothing special. Just trying to save money is special enough.

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What is the first thing you did after waking up today?

uploaded videos.....

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What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

Not killing myself and not sleeping ALL DAY

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Happy Valentine's Day! How are you going to spend it?

doing nothing.

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Have you ever been hypnotized?

Will not answer this!

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If reincarnation exists, what kind of creature would you like to be in your next life?

"If I'm reincarnated I wanna be Musashi again..."
Points for Reference

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What is the best way to relax you?

I'm not telling

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It's International Hedgehog's Day! What would you name your hedgehog, if you had one?

Well not Sonic...but I dunno.

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PAP your talisman!

Uh I don't have one.

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What’s the scariest dream you have ever had?

Really....sigh....where I was holding a gun.

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Do your parents like the music you listen to?

Taylor Swift or Rihanna?

who or who?

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What event(-s) would you like to attend in 2017?

FWA...but like many years before it I won't be able to afford it. Probably for the best.

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Does what they say about your zodiacal sign generally match your personality?

it never does

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PAP your Christmas dinner table!

There is no table.

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Beard or moustache?


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Are you going to watch "Rogue One" or have already watched it?

No. No time. I'm not into Star Wars. I gave up trying to understand it.

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What is the worst thing that can happen on a Monday morning?

That already happened.

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Have you ever smashed something out of anger?


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Would you rather go to a music festival, have fun and sleep in a tent, or stay home, watch TV series and have some tasty snacks?

stay home, watch TV series and have some tasty snacks.
Doritos...Ranch Dressing, Root Beer.

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PAP a creepy face!

Do you follow fashion trends actively?

I can't even afford them so how can I follow them?

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What makes you special?

I don't know

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