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Are you nak3d at the moment?

No. I was at work and am now on the bus. Neither place allows nudity. Is it really that important anyway?

Do you like pumpkin flavored things?

I guess? It's not just the pumpkin flavor though. It's the spices that go with it in most things.

Do your family play any instruments or just you if you were to?

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My half brother played the flute, saxophones, piano and guitar. Not sure what else. I think my sister only played the flute. My mom played the piano a little bit. Guitar and banjo a little bit. She was learning the mandolin too. I played percussion. Which is a wide range of instruments. Wasn't great with the ones with actual notes to learn like the xylophone or marimba or chimes but I leaned them if they weren't too complicated.

Do people find you intimidating?

I don't really know. Not like people really talk to me about it. I know I can be a little much sometimes. A little intense when in a relationship especially which might be part of the reason most of my relationships haven't lasted very long. That and I have an unfortunate habit of attracting unstable personalities.
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