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Awe what's wrong? :/

God took the most beautiful angel today. She inspired so many of us around the world, she is beautiful inside and out. Rip talia you were my favorite crazy YouTuber and I have been with you since the start watching your videos. May your wings take you to heaven which you will not suffer any more.

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Awe whats wrong


sigh okay this is gonna be really long, but it was on october 18 2011... i was heading home from a long day at school, my phone was playing music, i got off the bus, started walking down my street, and i eventually reached my door.. as i opened my door, all of my cats scattered there was trashbags on the floor , sorry im crying while typing this cause its frightening but .. they scattered, like not one was left... they just took off, i was like what the fuck, and i went to the bathroom because i had to pee .. but as i was peeing my heart started racing because i knew something wasnt right, so i ran back out into my kitchen .. every single drawer, and cupboard was open, and then my heart sank ... i looked to find my back door broken off its hinges and a piece of wood down my basement because my door was broke off, i ran into my room to find it trashed, everything was knocked over, it was a complete mess my moms jewerly box had every drawer opened and then i knew for sure we had been robbed... i started bawling and i ran into my brothers room to find it just completely empty, nothing , not a single thing left in it, except for his bed, and i ran into my living room to find out that all my electronics, everything was gone, i ran outside barefoot and was shaking and crying trying to get ahold of someone, finally i reached kristens, my cousins, her mom picked up and i screamed WE GOT ROBBED! she couldnt even speak but they told my brother, and my brother ran the fastest he could down to my house, like i never seen someone get here that fast, it was literally 15 seconds, he burst threw the door, and we knew we had to call my mom, my mom started choking up and crying over the phone and she pulled into the driveway, and she stepped out of her car, walking up the driveway she was devastated, tears were running down her face, my brother hugged her, and thats when i cried the hardest ive ever cried because the look of just devastation on my families face was too much ... she hadnt even paid off some of the stuff that was stolen yet, and she just kept crying because she knew how much it meant to us, to see me and brittany bond while playing our ds, my camera and all my other things, especially my brother, he got his xbox when he was little and you know boys and there games... it is what makes them happy... that broke my heart too because nothing not one single xbox game was left, not a controller nor the xbox itself or his laptop, he had nothing.... my mom worked hard for the stuff that we got, standing on her feet, filled with fluid, crying in pain and her back only to have it taken all away.. those people are out of jail now and they threatened people with knives before, they are dangerous people.... and living with the fear of being attacked again is just something no one should ever have to go through.

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Who cares about taia?? She had cancer, so she died, it's life...

ohh fuck off you idiot trying to start drama, she was a beautiful young girl, who was loved by many, taught so many girls in the world how to love yourself and she was an inspiration to all, it isnt life... she deserved to live a full and happy life, but instead she got it taken away by cancer, dont sit here on anonymous and try to say who cares, guess what, alot of people care, and right now your just being ignorant. your opinion doesnt matter

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It's 7 dollars to get in I get ten for lunch a day u poor bastard !

LOL. wow. you now how fucking mean you are?
i dont care how much it is, i dont feel like asking my mom for 7 dollars because shes always buying stuff left right and center and id rather her keep it then go to some dance which i just went to one like barely a week ago. and by the way the term "bastard" means you dont have a father, and i dont. so choose your words more wisely you fucking heartless prick.

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