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Brec Bassinger
Yesterday, January 22nd, TEN YEARS AGO, I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. Literally a whole decade. As with any battle, there are ups and downs, and every anniversary brings about those same conflicting emotions. As weird as it may seem to celebrate a disease, I do. I celebrate the person it has made me. The people I’ve connected with because of it. And I celebrate that it is one year closer to a cure. In the picture, you will see my super cool Dexcom connected to my arm. I like to tell people I’m a robot (and they believe it too). I never wanted anything connected to my body because it was open proof that I was different, but I am different. We all are. EMBRACE YOUR DIFFERENCES. But you heard it here first, one day diabetes will not be one of my differences 💙 Xo.

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Yesterday January 22nd TEN YEARS AGO I was diagnosed with type one diabetes

brec you have diabetes ?? can you tell us about it i have it too

I was diagnosed almost exactly eight years ago when I was 8, and my diagnosis anniversary was Jan. 22. I’m the only one from any generation in my family who's ever had type 1 diabetes. Actually, I was very blessed that my grandma, mom and I had taken a trip at that time, so it was just us three together in a hotel room. My mom immediately knew something was wrong and I wasn’t acting like myself – I was drinking so much water, I’d lost a lot of weight very quickly, and I was not a very moody child so that was very unlike me. She got online and everything pointed to symptoms of type 1 diabetes. So we went into the doctor and she pretty much knew what the result was going to be. Of course, I did not understand it all and didn’t know what diabetes was. For some weird reason, I always thought diabetes was a pill that helped you relieve gas. I don’t know why, but that’s what my 8-year-old mind thought it was. Unfortunately, I was in the hospital for five days. And my family was and has always been very supportive, telling me I can do everything I could do before and that diabetes won’t stop me.

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