Ask @brendangonnawin:

heard you got into a mix today with some ol heads what happened and who won

yeah i was goin to sev and it was only 2 dumbass buls who were tryin to act a tough and tried tellin me to give em all my shit and one of them snuck me and i fucked the other bul up then hit the one who it me like 4 times and they left talkin bout they was gonna roll up on me hard with their boys and shit so i was like ard bet go ahead my riderz be up here quick as shit frfr but they never came back so i went home it wasnt anything real big just people tryna start wit the wrong nigga

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Do Ya miss it?

what i missed was not calling her my sis it was having someone as special as her in my life someone who was like exactly like me who i could go to with anything who understood everything who always had my back i have plently f bros and sis's but shes shes diffrent shes more invloved with me than any of my bros and sisters so just having her in my life was what i missed but now shes back in it and im happy again and is this drew

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Man yo fuck this hater dog eastside riderz for life homie remember your true fams got you we be up there squad deep in a min if you need us man remember your our general 2nd in command you as hard as us player keep doing what you do ESR for life

Fo'sho man ik u guys got me but yo this bul a pussy yo ive delt wit worse and u know that haha buls up in abington bunch of bitches yo but yeah ill hit u up if we gotta do some "shit" cause of this u feel me keep grinding esr for life til the end til i take that final bullet

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