Ask @briz000010:


well its gonna be longg.
well he is soooo sweet
he helps me through everythingg
he is always there for me
im always there for him
haha light switch
loght bulb aha
he is the best boyfriend i could ever have.!!❤️
we ment at open skate
i asked him to tie my skate aha
he never did
i really liked him
when he would pass me in the hall i was so happy
we kept tazering eachother
aha we have a lot in common
i love him so much
we have been going for four months
we have ups and down
he plays lacrosse
he walks me home
we need to hang out more
i went to his game yesturday
he looked weird with all the stuff on aha
^^ i love youu
aha i might go tomarrow.
after the game i jumped in his arms
we joke around a lot
jeff dunham aha
well i love you bæ
text mee
we have more pics just cant find them right now

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