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Tbh Your like crazy athletic and I think that's really cool cuz I'm really not! Your hair has an amazing length and looks so freakin healthy! Teach me your secrets!

shelbydawnklassen’s Profile PhotoShelby Klassen
Thank you! :)

Tbh; rochelle :,D lets walk laps really soon because i enjoy texting you a whole lot and you are my woman crush wednesday because youre perfect. We should have like a pll marathon or somethin together sometime :)

CapriAnycia’s Profile PhotoCapri
Thank you so much Capri! :) And yes, we should defiantly hang out and walk laps!

TBH-- your a great volleyball player you have the longest hair in the school i swear. Your style and personality is so unique. Your fantastic at art. And i love how bog your eyes are ❤️

Teamae’s Profile PhotoTea mae marie noad
Thank you Téa :)

Tbh- you are such a great athlete! I love being in swimming with you. your always so happy and you are honestly one of the nicest people I know :) your super pretty and have such nice hair it's so long!

thank you Hayley :)

Tbh- you are a little scary at soccer... But I like it :)! I'm amazed at how with all the sports you do, you can stay so pretty! I'll admit I'm a little jealous :) keep up the good work :P

darygm’s Profile PhotoDary Gm
Thank you

Tbh; you're so friendly and funny. I like all your striped shirts, an that purple an yellow flannel you have? Agh it's pretty. :) Your hair as well, so long! You have a great personality. Also, you're so good at sports, I know you've heard that before haha

Thank you Jasmine :)


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