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You let Jill go.. She's perfect.. & you're gonna realize what you let go, it might be in 2 minutes, 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 years.. But you're gonna realize it.. & you can't get it back..

When I'm dating someone, I expect them to have my back in any situation right or wrong. She thought I was wrong, which in some cases I was, but she wasn't there supporting me, instead, she was bringing me down and making me feel like total shit. So you either come off anonymous or let her fight her own battles, because this isn't yours to fight. You being her friend or not, don't talk to me unless you can man up a speak to me upfront.

Let's try this again. Favorite girl from Hamilton who is the most awesome person in the world and is 14!

Any other girl but abbey? :D


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