Ask @brookelukehart:

It's so cool that you were in movies! What part did you play? Did you have to audition? Sorry for the questions, I'm just so curious of how casting works and what it's like to be in a movie. :) PS/ so jealous you got to meet Zach Efron

Thanks girl! No I did not have to audition, I worked so hard to get the opportunity though. It was definitely a great experience

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So I looked at your insta like you said & how can you say that you worked so hard to get the oppurtunity & at the same time say "I was at the beach the same time that the movie was being filmed, the director approached me and asked if I wanted to be in it"? Or did you mean a different movie?

I was in two different movies, but both I spent time doing my research. I work hard for every opportunity I get

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