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What was the craziest thing you have ever done?

Craziest Things i have done was Hot air ballooning, Amazing Roller coaster ride & Drive faster than 280 km / h.?????

What is the difference between Education and Experience ??

There are BIG Difference in Education and Experience, A Person with Great experience is called an "Expert", while a Person with Great Education, is not always immediately regarded as an expert in his or her Subject.

And what is your favourite thing to do on the internet ?

Favourite thing to do on Internet is Find Interesting News about what are doing this World ? & Some Curious Information about Social Media or some helping hand Daily routine Lifestyle changes or their Solutions.

What would be your ideal lifestyle?

An Ideal Life may be different for different people depending on what people want and what People are Thinking about Life. Everybody has a different way and might want a different type of life, but most people have a certain goal in life. And Most peoples are Live his Life with No Restrictions and No Tension without any Hesitations.
Most peoples who has a Certain goal in life agrees that ideal life should have is to be successful at any job you work.
Some people think is the most important one, is to have time to one itself. To have time to yourself means, to have a certain time in the day that you can fill however you want to, without having somebody else or something else.
Or, in the Last Your Ideal Life Should Be Depend On Your Happiness and Interest In Your Life to Create and Do Something New.

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