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how can u download the candyman code? when i click on the code, it brings me to an empty page?

sorry about that! i saved the code on the wrong page. it should be working now. :)

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It worked, I needed to revert the classic template,I didn't understood how to do it there are many things in that blogger menu D: but it's done , thanks for being so nice!

you're welcome! glad i could help! :^)

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Hey! I loved your theme princess pearls, found it on blogskins but i'm new to all this, just downloaded the .txt file but doesn't even know how install it :( could you help me? Thaaanks :3

to install, all you have to do is go to to your blog's template. you may see a lot of pre-made templates by blogger, so you'll want to scroll down until you see an orange link that says "revert yo classic templets." click the link and then select "revert to classic templates."
lastly, in the text box provided, delete the text that's already there and inside the box copy+paste the blogskin code you wish to use. save and then you're done!

i provided a little mini tutorial just in case.
hope i helped! :)

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i found it! ^^ thank you so much, and sorry for the bother ^^;

you're welcome; and it's okay, you're no bother at all. :-D

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i'm sorry but i still couldn't find it ;O; i only found how to change the font and size of the blogger-labels but there's nothing i can see for changing the text in the entry itself..

CTRL/COMMAND + F and search for "td#sidebar, td" :)

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i am not sure if i should go here to ask you this but i am using your vile ghosts theme on blogger and i cannot seem to change the font nor font size for the text in the posts ;O; can you help me?

i'm answering this on mobile so i'm sorry if this is incorrect but i believe you have to change those settings in the "sidebar" section between the <body>

let me know if you still need help!

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If you were going to Mars, which one item would you bring with you?

dylan o'brien

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What's on the top of your birthday wish list?

tattoos, books, a trip to california, money, getwithdylanobrien, you know the usual

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What makes someone powerful?

having me as their ally

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Farewell My friend. Allow your body comfort. Rest your eyes Enjoy 8 hours of your trial version of death.

many thanks

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The only question is, are you up for it?

no, i am not

thank you for your guidance but now night has fallen. my eyes lids grow heavy and my bed beckons
until the sun rises


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if we wast to engage in sexual int'rcourse, it will be allow'd

aye, but alas, both you and i must agree to it

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how many times hast thou been around the travelling lamp?

19 autumns have passed

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how corky art thou?

quite, it appears
fear not, for i have learned from my mistakes

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sixteen turnips will not do I am worth atleast 14 potatoes.

yes of course forgive me and my poor grasp of currency

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nay needeth to thanketh me. f'r i hast only made things simpli'r

you are worth at least 8 cattle and like 16 turnips

that's a lot of money

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That last question "Did you at least find the circumference of the circle before you threw your ass in it?" Basically says "Throw that ass in a circle"

i have seen the light my mind is cleared
thank you friend

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Did you at least find the circumference of the circle before you threw your ass in it?

i-i don't get it

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Post a photo of your favourite outfit!

look at u being all demanding an' shit
nigga didn't even say please

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Okay :)


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Pleaseee , speak malay :D


i don't want to post a video or anything haha;;;; sorry

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Try speak bahasa malaysia!


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hello is hello . Goodbye is selamat tinggal . How are you is apa khabar ? Nice to meet you is - seronok bertemu dengan awak . You - awak I -saya House - rumah , anything ?

oh thank you!!! (◍ ´꒳` ◍)b

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