Ask @brujerias:

Hey! I loved your theme princess pearls, found it on blogskins but i'm new to all this, just downloaded the .txt file but doesn't even know how install it :( could you help me? Thaaanks :3

to install, all you have to do is go to to your blog's template. you may see a lot of pre-made templates by blogger, so you'll want to scroll down until you see an orange link that says "revert yo classic templets." click the link and then select "revert to classic templates."
lastly, in the text box provided, delete the text that's already there and inside the box copy+paste the blogskin code you wish to use. save and then you're done!
i provided a little mini tutorial just in case.
hope i helped! :)

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i am not sure if i should go here to ask you this but i am using your vile ghosts theme on blogger and i cannot seem to change the font nor font size for the text in the posts ;O; can you help me?

i'm answering this on mobile so i'm sorry if this is incorrect but i believe you have to change those settings in the "sidebar" section between the <body>
let me know if you still need help!

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