Ask @brydanmcneil12:

thoughts on your top 10 closets friends

Idk whos doing this but im bored so i guess ..
Brenna Sheppard: your gorgeous & really nice & funny & i miss you:( your my bestfriend & we have a couple memories & we need plans soon bb lu
Maddy Wadden: your gorgeous & nice & funny & we need to talk more, we should chill sometime in ndub and yeah miss ya
Alex Bedford: your gorgeous & funny af, we need plans soon cause we never chilled in ever, your really nice & we used to talk on the phone alot hah miss ya
Bailie Mullins: if ya wanna see hers look down below..
Michelle Jean: you've been one of my bestfriends since like primary haha, your gorgeous & tall haha, your so nice & funny & i want your hair , we need to talk more & plans soon?:)
Taylor Turnbull: your my bestfriend, you were in my class this year and last year, we got really close last year, your so pretty & funny and we have alot of memories and inside jokes haha miss ya and plans soon :*
Taylor MacNeil: your gorgeous & nice:) we chilled last weekend.. We have a couple memories, we need to talk more and chill soon:*
I cant think of anyone else that im close to ..

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