Ask @brynnweigelt:

Your back to school essentials video was really innapropiate.. You were swearing way to much and you sounded high when you were talking... Just saying

i swore like 3 times and i wasn't high..the video is supposed to be a joke dude can you read?? there was a big disclaimer at the beginning of the video lmao

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*makes a video about being original* but is fake af and copy's other Youtubers, and you trash talks others videos saying they have no talent & just doing it for the views even though those videos makes them happy.... Shut up

you must have not watched the entire video?? i explained a lot of stuff about how everyone falls into that rut once in a while and actually a lot of youtubers have been making videos recently breaking down because they don't really have a choice but to continue what they are doing because it's their job!! Like jeanine, and gabi! I'm not fake af, if you knew me in real life you would know that, I'm just saying that making a get ready with me video doesn't take a lot of work, i know this because i used to make those types of videos too. Re-watch and actually pay attention to what i say next time before bashing me. Why do you feel the need to comment when it doesn't affect you?

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