Ask @brysont34:

You're 100% entitled to your own opinion but when you voice it in an insensitive way, you can seriously offend people. Just because someone is different than you, or holds different beliefs than you does not give you the right to demean them. Everyone is entitled to respect and tolerance.

Tristan Yoder
Ok since I answered the questions and said what I needed to like 4 days ago can we just move on with life and realize that my opinion is totally irrelevant? Or should we keep arguing over this subject?

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Sex. Which is completely true. That is one of the worst sins you could make. But god taught us to love the sinner but hate the sin. We do not support gays. So even if they are gay and are committing a huge sin, they are still a child of god. Just saying... Keep that in mind

Yeah that makes sense and I do keep that in mind. I'm not like prejudice towards gays or anything even tho it might seem like it hahaha but I have respect for you sticking up for your cousin because yes they are human too and you should love family because that's the most import thing!!

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