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So this is possibly a noob question. I have 1.7.2 I'm running and got a notice when I logged in about updated mods. They look to be all 1.7.10. Will those work with 1.7.2 or should I leave things as they are?

There is a bug in 1.7.2 version and earlier versions of bspkrsCore where the update notice shows every time due to a change in the way that dropbox public links work. The issue is fixed in the latest 1.7.10 releases, but if you're still using old builds you can just disable the update check.

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is there a way to give tinkers tools in the startinginventory mod?

In 1.7.x there is... use the /startinginv save command to make a config file that uses the TC tools while you have them in your inventory.

I've got forge with a lot of mods, and recently I've noticed different music playing, and it's AWESOME!!! I snooped around a bit in the jar file of bspkrs-Core-universal-6.8(1.7.2), and couldn't find the music. I'd love to put it on my ipod, so could u help me out with where the music is? thnx!

C418 added more music in 1.7 ;)

You can add information of mods??? (sORRY FOR MY HORRIBLE english, i'm am argentino)

I'm not quite sure what you mean.

Why would you use "briefcase speakers" as your nickname in internet?

I started using it as an email address in college after I converted a briefcase and an old set of car speakers into briefcase speakers, and I sorta just stuck with it.

You realise all of your answers are being posted on your twitter?

yes, I am aware of this. there is an option for it.

What do you think about More Swords Mod :p

I've never played it, so I can't comment... I assume it's the author who's asking, so you shouldn't feel bad... I haven't played most mods. I really don't play MC these days... I just code for it.

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