Ask @btragedies:

How do you write without making mistakes- constantly wanting to edit, to change your work? I love to write, I'm not bad, but I can't actually move on with a chapter because I spend too much time hating my work or being stuck because I can't start it off right. Any advice you could give me?

my trick is that i post new chapters before i can regret them, as funny as it sounds it works for me. by this method i don't necessary reread my chapters, but rather i scan them for little mistakes. i scan through and hit the publish button, not allowing time to cause frustration. posting on impulse is a reason that 90% of my work is published on wattpad. this method of mine is a bit unorthodox, but i suggest it.

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STORY TIME - Describe a struggle/obstacle you faced in life, not including online struggles/obstacles.

let me start by saying that the SAT is my enemy. to begin with, i arrived to my testing day calm and collected. i was so pumped to take the test and stood in line like a champ... just to be told that i couldn't take it because my ID was not valid. now, i paid a good like $80 for this test with essay and someone had stole my up-to-date ID (was in the wallet that was stolen a month previous) and there was about ten minutes til test start. basically i had a mini meltdown and tried to contact my parents for five minutes to take me home before i realized... aha i have a passport with a crappy photo of me that is valid. fast forward four minutes later and a sprint across campus and i have my passport and the grumpy administrator that denied me let me go by. and well i got in my testing room with the sniffles and feeling poorly but then did pretty decent on the SAT. so there's my obstacle/struggle!

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what was your first experience with high school exams like? did you constantly use revision notes to study?

my first high school exam was either an AP exam or a state instituted one (i am from the u.s.) AP testing for my school is dreadful, most of us were shivering the whole time and getting runny noses.
and i never really studied outside of class to be completely honest, it was either i had properly learned the information over the year or i had not.

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