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hey any reason why u think Bon Voyage 2 isn't worth buying?? i mean i already watched both and i like ss1 better but ss2 has so many good scenes too so i was just wondering why u think that

Hi! No problem I'm happy to explain:
BV1 was 400 coins - about $8.70 AUD. To me, that's pocket change, and $8 for a bunch of episode of them wandering around Europe was a great deal!
BV2 was 800 coins - thats about $17 AUD. Because it's literally twice the price of BV1, I would hold it to a higher standard - more/longer episodes, better 'behind the scenes' content, better camera quality. But it didn't deliver!
Firstly, the camera quality was terrible. It looked like they'd dropped their gear into a deep fryer (The sky is always blown out, they look ?? crispy?? Like you can compare the video quality to their bangtan bombs and say that it's worse). This is also why I'm not a huge fan of 2017/8 bts gayo/run bts eps.. V-App slacked offfff
Secondly, the actual episode quality wasn't great. There were whole 20 minute segments of episodes where they were playing games in their hotel room. Like if I wanted them to play games I'd just watch run bts for free lol?
Finally, the behind cams. BV1 behind cams were the members filming themselves doing things, and they were super sweet! BV2 was just... the episode from another angle lmao like bye!
So yeah, BV2 imo isn't worth purchasing.. because it's half the quality of BV1 for twice the price.. like I would rather they had just gone on a holiday without cameras that V-App give us this half-assed money grab!

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hiya! the full good insight episode hasnt yet been added to the index but idk if anyone will be keen on subbing that. i also having trouble finding an eng sub of the naver starcast live where the iconic min suga jjang jjang maan boong boong is from. sorry about the trouble D:

Hi! Thanks for sending this and sorry about the late reply! I’ve updated the index with the good insight episode under 180223 😄 The naver star cast can be found under 150726 (confusing i know, I’ll put another link at the start of inu era) Enjoy!

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its a vid frm i think summer 2015? the camera was following jk asking how he felt aft a concert, they might hv been in dark suits? i think it was after some kind of cb stage (like mnet) not a bomb. in it, jk walked up to th, clicked his tongue, put his arm arnd his waist and they walked away 2gether

do you mean june/august or december/february? if its is december/feb summer i would say its run era and either 1. hyyh on stage dvd content (we dont have that) or 2. bangtan bomb or episode for an award show or gayo (eg. jungkooks solo stage with zion t)

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Hey, I'm so happy I found your twt. I'm looking for a video (I think a bts of Show Champ). All I remember is a Taejin moment (Jin made an ajae gag, Tae didn't find it funny so Jin was like "You've changed" and Tae said "I've changed bc of ARMY's 💕") It was during Spring Day promo, I think. Thanks.

Sara Bendjafar ✌
Hi! The BTS Content Index is very organised, so you can go to the YNWA tab and find the Show Champion video there! They are labeled very clearly 💜

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