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I mean first break into publishing. like who was the first place to publish You? And how did you make that happen? I'm trying to break into the industry. Thanks! :3

the majority of my oeuvre is self-published, its v hard for me to discern the set of circumstances that led to my being published elsewhere bc it involved interpersonal relationships & unconventional submission & solicitation methods, most of my writing can be found here, maybe some of the publications there are open for submission

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Do you have a passion for writing do u go in a dopamine induce trance is writing cathartic for you is it a self healing method is it a poetic vocation?

no no yes yes no
in my view writing is one of many things ppl have grown accustomed to doing for an infinite variety of reasons corresponding to the manifold life experience of the prsn who practices it & it happens to mean a great deal to a select few based on having read something that compelled them or having gotten enthusiastic praise from someone they admire or having wanted deeply to express something to someone & cldnt divine an alternate means
i do it for the reasons mentioned above & bc i feel occasionally compelled to, especially when i feel intensely burdened w knowledge or emotion i feel restricted from sharing due to prudence, oppression, or my own commitment to keep others secrets secret, so its mostly a cathartic/therapeutic ritual in my current way of thinking abt it, tho i think for some, it cld be viewed as an addiction or vocation or passion

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I'm not being sarcastic. I'm genuinely interested in how the rest of your life goes.Why do you think that is so? I think you have built a considerable catalog of work. Also, Do you think you will become more famous as time goes on?

having trouble discerning if 'why do u think that is so ?' is a question abt why i think ur interested in how my life plays out or something unrelated
if its the former, i feel unsure, maybe ur an empath or view me as a growth partner or guide or child or peer, but for whatever reason u bonded to me & for that im grateful & hope we can continue to impress the gravity of our lives onto e/o in healthy & nurturing ways
im content w the idea of dying in obscurity, but based on the breadth of my oeuvre & general lack of recognition in the present i feel compelled to think im more likely to be celebrated posthumously than in life esp since that wld be in keeping w the current systematized method for treating black life & black ppl doing work w empathy for their community like nonentities until its too late

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why did you ignore me in high school.

idk, this is a compelling question but i have no idea who asked it & my high schools population was enormous, a possible answer is that i was a conservative evangelical christian asshole w a lot of internalized white supremacist & patriarchal behavior, but that may be too broad an excuse to count as a valid explanation for my actions, this is all assuming i actually ignored u & u arent inaccurately perceiving that i ignored u, which i guess cld also be possible

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did anything come out after you put out yr mixtape that made you feel like 'well i tried my best but these ppl schooled my ass doing the same style way better' i felt that way when tao & mira put out 'selected tweets' after i soft-launched 'watching fox news on mute'

austin 'charcoal' islam
not so far, i think im familiar w that feeling to a degree but i think im p practiced at reflecting & acknowledging different work moves ppl differently, sometimes i feel soloviveium [ ] is as finished & 'perfect' as i cld make it, other times i feel like i wish id spent more time on it or approached the project differently altogether, but currently i feel comfortable w it in that it exists as it exists, its not 'beyonce' or 'yeezus' or 'lp1' or 'iyrtitl', all of which inspired it, but the good/bad binary of something being better or worse than it isnt a way i feel capable of processing it, esp since its something i just made by myself in my bedroom, if it were a collaborative effort it wldnt be what it is, so comparing it to other work seems untrill #soloviveium

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