did anything come out after you put out yr mixtape that made you feel like 'well i tried my best but these ppl schooled my ass doing the same style way better' i felt that way when tao & mira put out 'selected tweets' after i soft-launched 'watching fox news on mute'

austin 'charcoal' islam
not so far, i think im familiar w that feeling to a degree but i think im p practiced at reflecting & acknowledging different work moves ppl differently, sometimes i feel soloviveium [ http://bit.ly/slvvm ] is as finished & 'perfect' as i cld make it, other times i feel like i wish id spent more time on it or approached the project differently altogether, but currently i feel comfortable w it in that it exists as it exists, its not 'beyonce' or 'yeezus' or 'lp1' or 'iyrtitl', all of which inspired it, but the good/bad binary of something being better or worse than it isnt a way i feel capable of processing it, esp since its something i just made by myself in my bedroom, if it were a collaborative effort it wldnt be what it is, so comparing it to other work seems untrill #soloviveium

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