I'm not being sarcastic. I'm genuinely interested in how the rest of your life goes.Why do you think that is so? I think you have built a considerable catalog of work. Also, Do you think you will become more famous as time goes on?

having trouble discerning if 'why do u think that is so ?' is a question abt why i think ur interested in how my life plays out or something unrelated
if its the former, i feel unsure, maybe ur an empath or view me as a growth partner or guide or child or peer, but for whatever reason u bonded to me & for that im grateful & hope we can continue to impress the gravity of our lives onto e/o in healthy & nurturing ways
im content w the idea of dying in obscurity, but based on the breadth of my oeuvre & general lack of recognition in the present i feel compelled to think im more likely to be celebrated posthumously than in life esp since that wld be in keeping w the current systematized method for treating black life & black ppl doing work w empathy for their community like nonentities until its too late

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