Do you have a passion for writing do u go in a dopamine induce trance is writing cathartic for you is it a self healing method is it a poetic vocation?

no no yes yes no
in my view writing is one of many things ppl have grown accustomed to doing for an infinite variety of reasons corresponding to the manifold life experience of the prsn who practices it & it happens to mean a great deal to a select few based on having read something that compelled them or having gotten enthusiastic praise from someone they admire or having wanted deeply to express something to someone & cldnt divine an alternate means
i do it for the reasons mentioned above & bc i feel occasionally compelled to, especially when i feel intensely burdened w knowledge or emotion i feel restricted from sharing due to prudence, oppression, or my own commitment to keep others secrets secret, so its mostly a cathartic/therapeutic ritual in my current way of thinking abt it, tho i think for some, it cld be viewed as an addiction or vocation or passion

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