Ask @bttrcp:


Why did you drop out of college? How old are you?

i dropped out of college bc i felt 'marginalized' by the structure of th hollywood film industry & the specific expectations of th faculty & students, felt similarly re the other courses i was taking, i was aware i wanted to work in the arts & realized the majority of ppl i felt i admired didnt finish or seem to care abt college, after realizing i wld probably be in debt th rest of my life regardless of whether or not i finished i became severely depressed & stopped attending class & began working on a screenplay instead
im currently 25

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Do you ever feel shitty abt the q's u receive here (the gay ones, etc)

sometimes th intentionally shitty questions affected my general preoccupations while responding & my perception of ppl wrt their tendency to act inexplicably mean to others
specifically re th gay ones, ive felt confused & earnestly questioned th terms i used to define 'my sexuality', but i dont think i ever felt bad in any specific sense
periodically felt upset that the person seemingly refused to ask me questions pertinent to th reasons i made, maintain, & promote this acct

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what is your relationship with sun fox

she's my gf, we're in an open long distance thing, we skype & type at e/o when we're not busy or ufsi & esp when we're in srs emotional distress, weve hung out irl a few times & i feel there are strong 'forces' at work attracting us & confusing both our rational brains abt how to approach e/o & i feel warm & calm when i look at, touch, or think abt her, i usually talk w her before hooking up w ppl but she seems p secure w the her position as my vulpes vulpes solar flarebeat, we're ~5yrs apart so theres a bit of pedagogical dynamic to our relationship, she wants a family & i feel iffy abt procreation so we get a lil heated talking abt things like that & god & when we'll see e/o next

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Why'd you choose the name buttercup? After the power puff girl?

no, i was hanging out w some girls and one of them said 'fill me up buttercup' referring to her wine glass, i replied 'in more ways than one' and we ended up having a threesome
the one girl and eventually more ppl started calling me 'buttercup' and i thought it seemed endearing and began encouraging ppl to/signing things w that name

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Why do you use "rose"? Instead of giving any answers that might show a response or give your audience something, you're just using something that you think is cool when it's monotone and no one else even uses it

when i first opened this acct i asked that ppl only ask questions, i don't view this as a conversational venue, it's for if my friends or audience want to know more abt my work or life, i committed myself to answering every question i'm asked, so when ppl submit 'asks' that aren't questions i respond w an acronym meaning 'repetitive one-syllable exclamation' to acknowledge that i read the submission

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Do you think the minimalistic style you guys are representing has something to do with the concept of 'democratizing the means', i.e. that the traditional style depends more heavily on some kind of in itself unnecessary but unevenly distributed linguistic talent or something?

i think the writing by ppl considered 'minimalists' is written to be read, not to influence how other writers write, 'traditional writing' seems less fun to read, for me, so i try to write things i enjoy reading given the length/format of the writing, i think minimalism in prose seems sweet bc ppl who seem discerning but not arbitrarily critical have acknowledged they preferred that style and pursued writing the way they write instead of abiding by previous standards of structure bc they were conditioned to view them as 'right', from a cognitive standpoint, i think minimalism 'gives the brain room' to superimpose the reader's experiences onto the narrative, which then makes it seem relatable/malleable across a wide audience, maybe subconsciously, or as a goal, some writers want to write 'simpler' bc traditional writing seems 'unfair' but that isn't the impetus for me, i want to read things i feel net-positive abt just based on what's on the page

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