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hey this is exotica haha. i actually deactivated my ask a long time ago since someone had hacked me. it's already over lol but thx for answering my questions (:

thanks for clearing it up :)

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I don't know if i can tell you what happend here. It's kinda long. In this tragedy, 60 people died and 189 got burned. I was and i am okay, but my friend isn't. He is in a hospital from bruxelles. He is really burned, like 60% of his body is burned

so is this like a math problem? if so just cut to the chase with the question.

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Do You Remeber You're First Kiss? Do You Still Like About That Man Or Women? Studies Say First Kisses will Remain In You're Memory Forever Until You Kiss Someone you truly Love Then You Won't Stop Thinking About Him or Her. 🔐😻💞💑

cute couples sayings❤️
*remember *woman *your
& that's good to hear

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anon down there v who cares if it's a fake account? everyone already knows so it doesn't even matter. sorry this sounds rude but why do you waste your time reporting the accounts and asking people to report when everyone already knows they're not real?

im not asking u to do much. i was just wondering if u could report @reneelin_ for her actions. the more ppl that report her, the better chance that acc will be suspended. all im asking for is a small favor. u dont even have to talk to them.

dude i'm not gonna be a part of this so just stop okay?

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v and i cnt do it bc they already blocked me. :( & if u also see, they made a fake excuse by saying that "renee's phone was stolen" but it wasnt. obviously it couldn't have been bc the real renee has a password on her phone so how would they be able to get in and talk to lizzie without a password?

can u plz help me? ik ur already done with the whole renee situation but do u mind reporting & maybe telling this person to stop?? if u visit lizzie's ask @lizzielauuu she stated that @reneelin_ isnt renee and you'll see the proof. plz report it and try talking to them.

i'm sorry but i wanna stay out of this.

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