Ask @bunnY12j:

Thoughts on periods ?

She Is a Girl.
She does BLEED A whole week in the month! She does have mood swings!
Yes, She does use sanitary napkins! so ..? What's their to make fun.? Your mother also bleeds .. Your sister and girlfriend too! You also laugh at them..? Yes, 'She' get Emotional easily! Not like you, who breaks up just because She don't allow you to have SEX with us! You think she doesn't understand anything..? But My Dear Friends, Let me tell you one thing, Apki birthday se lekar .. favourite food se lekar ..apke favourite brands bhi yaad rakhti hain woh! You think their tears are "Fake"..? Just imagine the life of a girl once! 100 people staring them, Many of them passing comments . Some staring on theirBreasts and Vagina.... Is this the way by which a girl should be treated ..?

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