Ask @bunnY12j:

I'm actually so so damn happy to have a such a sweety friend like you. I hope our friendship grows more stronger and yeah we are together forever . love ya 😘

Truth is your the best friend someone can ask for. ❤
It feels like I've known you forever. 😭
You've always knew how to cheer me up when I'm down. 😊
I'll always remember the times we laughed so hard, we couldnt stop.💞😘
The memories, the fun, the moments, the laughs, the jokes and all the times we got busted, I'll never forget them. 😭
I know we fought and argued sometimes but that only made our friendship stronger.❤
As long as we are living, no matter when or where, if you ever need me just call and I'll be there because you've been there for me. ❤
Of all the friends I've ever met, you're the one I won't forget.
#ComeDelhisoon ❤

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funny convo ?

Wife: Where are you?
Husband : At home love.
Wife: Are you sure?
Husband: Yes.
Wife : Turn on the mixer.
Husband : (turns mixer on) Rrrreeereeeereeee...
Wife: Ok my love goodbye.
Another day......
Suspicious Wife: Where are you?
Husband : At home love.
Wife: Are you sure?
Husband : Yes.
Wife: Turn on the mixer.
Husband: (turns mixer on) Rrreeereeeereeee...
Wife: Ok my love goodbye.
The next day, the wife decides to return home without notice, and finds her son alone and she asks him, "Son, where is your father?"Son: I don't know, he went out with the mixer

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how did you proposed your first girlfriend Mehar ? you're only friends now why ? 😱😱😱😱😱😱

*My first love story *😢😢😢
One day, we were sitting together and chatting.
I said, "I have fallen in love with a girl."
All the giggling and teasing stopped.
She said nothing.
I continued talking about how great this girl was and how wonderful I felt when I was with her.
I told her why this girl was so special to me.
She remained silent.I continued, "She is an amazing girl and I am thinking to propose to her. Do you think she'll say yes?"
She remained silent.He said, "Say something! I have fallen in love!
She said "Why are you telling me, tell that girl.
I gotta leave, I have got some work, bye"
She stood up and started walking towards the door.
She had tears in her eyes.Just then she felt someone caught her hand. She turned back.It was me .I saw the tears in her eyes.
I asked "Won't you ask her name?
She was looking towards the ground, not able to face me, trying to hide her tears, but failing.
She said nothing.
I said "Okay, I will tell you her name
Her name is ******."She looked up, confused.I continued, " I love you! I love you, you silly girl!"
She, trying to comprehend what she just heard, crying even more.
She said "But I hate you!", hugged me tight, crying silently in my arms. 😢😢

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