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I think I’ll just look for a couple of fuck buddies and keep it all on the low. Not looking for anything serious. :) no mo


I think you forgot me and don't want to talk to me I'm sad 💔

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لا كيف أنساك حبيبي أنت صديقي في الأردن

نَسألُكَ جبرًا وإنْ كُنَّا لا نستَحِق..❤️ لجمال حديثكم ليش مختفين 🙄😅❤🌿

I can’t read this /:

📱 If I gave you my number would you text me? Send me funny memes and pics? Give anyone else my number?


I realized you were cheating on me and that’s why you were only talking to me through ask fm and a fake number. How dumb of me to think you ever told me the truth. ❤️‍💔

Text me 6197771636


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