Ask @byannnaa:

Hi Anna, I used to live in Germany around 5 years ago, and now my brother is going back, and I can't seem to remember what the good makeup brands are! What are some of your favorite? Also is Manhattan still any good? x

Well, I hope I can help you because I don't know much about makeup at all but I can tell you what I know. Some friends of me use Manhattan and they are say it's great. I heard the lipsticks from M.A.C. are the best ones ever, and the eyeshadows from catrice also (very cheap cosmetics but my friend who just uses expensive products looves them). Most of my nailpolishes are also from catrice and the brand p2 from the store dm do also have some very good things. Furthermore Astor, Alverde (natural cosmetic by dm), Artdeco...I hope these are the kind of brands you wanted to know and if you have more questions about special products or anything else just write me a mail :)

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