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i know its not possible, but how would you feel if exo gained a new member?

hmm. idk? lol i might not feel bad but as long as DKS is happy then im fine with it hihi

What colour is your underwear ate dont blame me for being a pervert you said yourself i can answer the most weirdest question on earth kbye

hahaha you curious cat all my underwears are black lol

AFF reader. The Sad Life Of Byun Baekhyun . So, when is he and Chan gonna get 2gether?! Its so frustating

Vee_Joker’s Profile PhotoVee Joker
omfg im crying loool im a frustrating person too so maybe sooon?

What is your favorite love story movie?

Hmm i loved "If only" its the only story that left a mark on my lame brain

What do you usually forget?

I forget that my heart is actually tiny and I keep shoving all of my biases inside it, Poor heart. haha

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