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Hi! I need help to get the lightstick & whistle for Seoul Party Baby on 28/10. How do I connect with Korean Fanclub? Thanks in advance!

You should already be a member of the fancafe to find all the announcements for Party Baby Climax. As for the lightstick and whistle, if you are in Seoul you can check around in the stores there for them, some may have them in stock. Also check online if you are able to have them shipped to you (kpoptown, kpopmart etc)

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Hi, a notice in the section BABY 4기 등업 appeared with a link to this 'guide': B.A.P OFFICIAL FANCLUB BABY 4기 등업 불가 사유 우수회원 등업 신청 안내 Is this only for those who haven’t been levelled up automatically or for everyone? I tried to google translate it but just got confused. Thanks for any help :)

Yes for people who didn't level up but for baby4 membership

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is it possible to buy Japan Boom concert ticket in the venue? If I come late (the show start at 3pm, but I come around 3.15pm), can I still go in? and when will the merch shop closed? is it before the concert start? (I want to go to either Nagoya or Osaka concert) thank you for your answer

Don't think you can show up late to the show and still be let in. Merch should be closed before the concert starts. Not sure if you can get at venue (we made a post on how to buy tickets for Japan Boom)

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Hello! I will be in Japan in August and I would love to go to B.A.P's concert in Tokyo. Do you know if there's a way to buy tickets, without being in the Japanese fan club? Thank you very much in advance! ❤️

There's a fanclub presale (currently happening), then mobile presale and after that they have the general sale. You will have to log into HMV Japan tickets & search for BAP when it opens. Then go through the steps, pick a date & fill out your info. You might have to have translate the site if you are unable to read Japanese. You also might need a Japan zip code & phone number but you can get a phone number from an app & since you receive the tickets from a convenience store you can just pick a zip code.

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HELP PLEASE how does the bap makestar project works? You pay the amount and when the event finish then Everything is digital ? aka downloadable? How are they sending us the photobook because thy didnt ask address when you join makestar... im so confused even whn i re read many times >~<

There will be digital copy but also a hard copy. Most likely after the project is ended, there will be a mass email sent out to everyone asking for that information. This is only an assumption.

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