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TY BYS ❤️ you are the best{est} fansite & I knew that ! Keep supporting bap! You are all special to me guys ! Thank you for your hard work ! Really it's hard to answer questions in much languages ❤️ 2/2

C R I E S LET ME HUG YOU ♥ We have a really amazing team of translators, and we want to help Babys all over the world so I'm happy that we could answer you but again sorry it took so long T3T HUGS YOU MORE ♥ Thanks for your patience T3T

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I watched b.a.p attack ep 10, dae said babyz don't like his abs and it makes me sad. Do you know if anything happened before that make dae think like dat? Thanks ^^

He's mentioned a few times that "Babys didn't like me working out/my big arms/etc." :/ It's true lots of Babys commented on his muscle...but it's sad because it's his body so if he wants to work out he should be able to without the fandom whining about it.
(plus I just really loved his big arms oh my T3T)

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Which bap member would BYS staff most likely see themselves as if they were part of the group?

Isa: I am often compared to Yongguk because I'm the kind of person who care a lot about global causes, and I want to influence the world, I like to be alone and have deep conversations, I'm a bit shy and I am such a perfectionist, just like Yongguk.
The other BYS manager, Nicole, is more like Himchan. Always happy, our mood maker, annoys me all the time (she's spamming me 24/7) just like Himchan annoys Yongguk, she's also really caring with everyone, and sometimes she's really random and won't stop trolling everyone ~<3
And this is pretty much us all the time:

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do u think BAP will have a world tour every year? I think that would be great but I'm so worried for their health TT_TT

They've said in a few interviews they'd like to tour every year, but really this is B.A.P we're talking about; if they don't tour again next year they'll probably be busy doing something else in Korea ^^;; At least with tours they get to travel and get a bit of free time, like they did in America going to ball games and museums. I remember seeing an interview too where they mentioned that they do get some time off on tour too which was something they liked ^^

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