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Do you have any idea how birthday events are usually arranged at concert stops? Himchan's birthday is very close to the LA stop and some fans want to get a cake up on stage for him and take 5 minutes of the concert to sing happy birthday for him. Who should be contacted?

You would have to contact Powerhouse, the Venue to see if they will allow it to be done. TS Entertainment normally does not allow food to given to the boys because of past incidents but you can try. As for the singing, it's up to the venue as well.

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Hi :) I followed your tutorial on how to join B.A.P's fan cafe, thank you so much for the info <3 I tried to level up but sadly got rejected and got this message 회원 정보 ( 운영진 공개 X ) + 전체 쪽지 글 제목 +3 번 +4 번. I was wondering if you would be able to tell me what this means please. Thank you :)

You got #3 and #4 wrong, also that you put the wrong title and not making the message private it seems.

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OMG YES BYS ADMINS! I was looking for this site & finally found it again! l I missed you guys! Will you guys be going to the concerts in LA or NY? & are you planning on doing anything special at the LA concert for Himchan's birthday? As you know, the LA concert is the closest to his birthday

Welcome Back! :) As for the LA and NY concert, we don't have anyone going as of yet. Only city for sure that we know someone is going is the Atlanta show. And there is some ideas floating around to do something..but it's a surprise. :)

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Hi!! This is my first year going to a B.A.P concert in LA with a pit GA ticket instead of a seated ticket. How early do people line up before the concert if they have GA for pit? Because it's first come, first serve and I would want to be as close to the stage as possible!!

Its up to you as to what time you want to get there. People have camped out overnight or more for good spots in a pit situation. It's up to the venue's discretion on what time people can line up. Do what you feel is best for you.

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