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Hello friend, you're in luck - you'll soon find a girl on the looks scale of Margot Robbie. She'll love you endlessly 😃

I hope so, let's just call this girl N she's got to be the first time a woman truly loved me

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Is drug addiction a choice?

It's complicated, very complicated. It's a mental disease for starters and yes one chooses to try drugs for the first time(usually some friends of mine were forced at a young age) but to be a drug addict isn't a choice it's a reality

I love you. Never stopped loving you..I am here for you just as I was yesterday, today I am here, tomorrowwww I am here..just as I will be 4ever. 💋. Get ready my love. 💋


Just because I have deep and genuine love for you doesn’t mean you have to be around me, communicate with me or even look my way. Keep it just the way it is now, no contact and not in sight. I love it that way!

Why would you want it to be that way if you have deep genuine love for me? Do you think I am just incompatible or stuck in my ways

Do you like taking pictures of yourself everyday?

Not really. I like taking pictures with others but that's it

Have you ever moved states?

I moved to the Caribbean for almost a full year at the age of 13 it was a struggle

Why meeeeee

Cuz ur sweet and always held me down even when I was fucking up and nobody's ever showed me that same kindness

Are yu tha type to trust someone on tha first day & see if tha person gonna break it or don’t trust at all & let tha person build it up???

Umm normally I'm all in the first time and see how it rides out tbh

Why can't women be direct and transparent about the type of men that they want?

Honestly I'm my experience it's because they either are too shy, or think you're so hawt they CAN'T date you, society's outlook at women who chase men. And finally but not least they CAN BE DIRECT, even about what they want😱🤔. I've had tons of girls be the first to ask me out

I wanna marry u

I hope so, I feed and survive off people's desire to have me, to be kissed by ME! So your proposal is like an unlimited buffet RN, tysvm ilysvm 🤩
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Ah ah ahhhhhh choo!!!!!! *sneezes* .... well... aren't you going to bless me?

Bless you, no wait, F@!K YOU }:(


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