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hi liz! i hope my question isn't too dumb, but i was wondering how your stock sale works? if we want multiple items would we have to send a couple of emails since you'll be putting them up one by one?

it’s actually not gonna be threaded on twitter but in a form~ i’m almost done with it and i’ll post it soon^^

Hi Liz~~ will you be opening the aeribong pin if you're not opening for the universe strap? :( Thank you!! :)

We Got The POWER
uhm that’s debatable~ i’m trying to slow down (which i can never do lmao) but if i feel like doing so, then i’ll announce it! sorry if i don’t tho :(

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Hai Liz~ what time do you think you'll post your personal sale thread up? 👀😆🙈 thank you ~~ :)

We Got The POWER
uhm i think soon cause i need money soon lmao! 😂😂 but i gotta sit down and think over what i really want to let go first cause i get attached.

Hi~ do you happen to have any updates on the pink eclipse pins and universe stickers??

the seller said they’d give me a invoice for ems after elyxion in singapore

Liz :((( please consider opening for the HP stuff the last anon asked you :(( they're just so cute !!! Thank you in advance!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

We Got The POWER
i will ask the seller tomorrow~

Liz do you think babyboo baekhyun doll will ever resale again? Doll so cute mad I missed it ;-;

vminbb95’s Profile PhotoChicken
i don’t think so :/ i haven’t heard anything about a reproduction

Are the xomxiu feedback from the teal batch or earlier? Just wondering since my tracking seems to be stuck at accepted without a delivery date estimate for a while now.

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shoot me a dm

Hi are you missing the glaxierxiu stickers on your masterlist?

TheTommo217’s Profile PhotoSerina
ah yes i am; i’ll update the master list tonight as well as upload pics for the arrivals! >.<

Will ems for the seasons greetings/card wallet be high? It’s pretty heavy. Sorry for the question.

probably yeah for the sg.

Hello, will the Chen slogan form still be opened? If you're still busy with tests, then nvm your studies are important. I was mostly curious about the prices ~ Thank you^^

yes! i’m trying to finalize the form now; i got side tracked with packing 😅

Hi Liz, I’m just wonder what if I don’t have venmo or Google Wallet so how can I pay ds... I feel worry :’(

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shoot me a dm and we can figure something out! ~

hi sorry to ask but what happened with the xiuxiu boy slogan omg it was so cute, thank you

just between me and the fansite a miscommunication.

Hello! This going to sound really dumb and I’m sorry lol. It’s my first time joining one of your group orders but I’m having trouble with the last part of your Chanyeol jacket. Where it says if I have understand everything, I don’t know what to put :(. Do I have to pay first or what am I doing wrong

Jenjenyeol’s Profile PhotoJennifer Villa
there’s a keyword in the form where you’ll input to be able to submit. if you read the disclaimer section again, it should be there^ if you have trouble just shoot me a dm~

when do you think you’ll be shipping the pear56bh washi’s and mandarin stickers from your kaddress? i’m wondering bc idk whether to put something on hold at ur house or not since i ordered those too😅

mm; prob around mid march? i wanna let ppl save some money before i request again especially when this batch just arrived 😂

do u have any extra chen goods you'd be willing to sell? i've been keeping my eye open for chen go's but every time i find one i'm always too late

uhm i will check; i don’t think i have any on hand though~


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