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hey, where do u get your stuffs? Theyre great :)

I got most of my stuff from taobao (:

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i really love your looks! i hope you don't mind me asking where you got 2015/06/very-really-hella.html#comment-form or what brand it was knocking off ;v; dream shoes!!

You can certainly find them on taobao.
I got mine from this;
but it's out of stock it seems. I couldn't find a different source with a see-through pair but hope this helps

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Happy bday bb 💕🙆

Eunice K
You're a day late but thanks!! ^^

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Happy bday cutie patootie

Thanks m88888 :*

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Oh goth, your have a birthday?! I wish you everything good in your life. 💛 💙 💜 💚 💗 💓 your are such a beautiful person, your blog is awesome, ily. <3

That's sweet of you! Thank you ^^ ♥

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What program do your use to edit your photos and gifs?

Paint.NET and Photoscape.

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Happy birthday! <3

Woahhh how did you know! Who are you?? :o I'm surprised! Not even my close friends remembered (except 2 of them). Wait, or did Askfm remind you? Haha. Thanks for the wish btw! ^^

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Yisssssssssssss you're a beautiful soul ily ♡ ♡

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but why doesn't your boyfriend have the same style as you?

Does he really have to have the same style as me? Is that how people should choose who to love?

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How many followers do you have on ;)

what is your favourite yaoi manga? <3 <3

Don't really have a favorite. I just read.

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WHta kind of music do u listen to?

I don't know.. hahaha. Anything that is not mainstream? lol I go from Japanese Indie to hardcore to metal to alternative and I really like Vamps (the one formed by Hyde and K.A.Z, not the one you hear on the radio).

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LOL couz intro the agent to me too

Hehehheh sure thing couz :3 I'll pm yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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Do u buy off a taobao agent or you're the agent? Can I tumpang??

I bought my stuff through an agent. Hehhehe you can always tumpang :3 or I could just introduce the agent directly to you. Whichever you prefer kekeke.

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do you think you will ever start youtubing? <3

Mmm..nahh :s I'm really awkward and I bet people would be way more awkward watching how awkward I am ><

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YAYYY!! a nEw post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 <3

Ehmahgerd hawty hawty hawty I wuv you

My boyfriend gon rEkkKkTt you. U gon get rEkt m8.. RUN!!!1!

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U should really do a youtube tutorial, how you did your fluffy top I LOVE IT BUT HOWW HOWWWWW DO YOU DO THIS??????? (Btw ur an angel Angeline) :P sry I just love ur name (nd blog) <3

Hahahahha thanks but I'm not an angEl!11!1!! I just sew em based off a basic T-shirt pattern. There's like a ton of Youtube tutorials for that, you can try looking it up kekeke :3

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u shave or u pluck armpit hair

I feed them to children, they chew it off my underarms. Pretty wickEd ay.

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where do u buy ur clothes ??✨✨

Taobao :3 I'm pretty sure it's stated on the blog

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omgg I love ur blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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ahh so happy bout the new post omg <3 <3

Awyisssss :3 I'm glad!

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Whatsss up angeline ;( ;( ??

I'm fine. What's with the frown? ):

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happy new year <3

Thank you! :D Happy new year to you too!

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