Ask @cSodalite:

I definitely agree with the guy who asked this question. We provided proof to Grotty, despite the fact she completely ignored it. It's extremely rude to say 'Gag' without checking for proof whatsoever. I understand her frustration that her character was used in the logo and she doesn't like it, however, if she's a fashion icon, she needs to expect stuff like that to happen, so she needs to get used to it. They're embracing her - that's not negative. I agree; she should be glad that her character was used in the logo, not annoyed.
You can't just say 'Someone's triggered' when they're stating an 100% accurate statement. That just proves to show she intentionally tried to make it sound like the guy's an ignorant child that has anger issues and 'hates' Grotty. Despite the fact that's highly unlikely, it's still possible she tried to insult the guy. I'm not sure that 'Triggered' is the right word to use in this scenario, so sometimes people just need to check what they're writing, because one small mistake can make them sound like they're stupid, or make them sound like a hypocrite. I honestly like Grotty's clothes, makeup, designs, and overall I like Eerie, but it's her behaviour that I really believe she needs to improve on.
Please don't argue with me, because this is just my opinion on this whole incident.

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